Like most microbreweries and handcrafted beers; we do not pasteurize our ales and lagers because we know the high heat of pasteurization can destroy some of the highlights of our custom brewing that makes our beer taste fresher and more full-flavored. To keep our brews at their prime, they have to be stored in a cool and dark environment. It means that extended exposure to warm temperatures may cause them (especially if they are unfiltered) to taste, well, less fresh. So keep ‘em cool! As for the dark part, let’s just say that sunlight can negatively affect some brews (it makes them smell “skunky”).

Lets get specific here, with the proper way to store the beer you take home from Big “E”.

The standard storing temperature for unpasteurized craft beer is 38-45 degrees.

Growlers: Keep them in your fridge at the normal temperature you would keep your milk. (If you like your beer super ice cold keep a pint glass in the freezer to help chill your delicious Big “E” Brew before you drink it). As for longevity and freshness of your growler, unopened you can keep your growler in the fridge for a week or so but once you open it we suggest you drink it within a day or two.

Party Pigs: These nifty guys are pretty low maintenance there is no CO2 set up needed, it has it’s own pressure bladder that will keep pushing out the beer until you have drank it all. Because there is a bladder inside the pig, you have to keep it stored at normal fridge temperature (no colder than 38 degrees) the bladder contents can freeze and that will put a halt to your beer drinking fun. As for longevity and freshness of your pig, we guarantee it will stay fresh and delicious for 30 days and possibly longer. If you are planning to bring your pig to an outdoor event where a refrigerator is not available keep it covered in ice or ask about renting our “pig pens”.

Kegs: Keeping a keg and the proper temperature is super important for a couple reasons, one being quality of flavor (the quality will last longer) and two being you will get a better pour (when beer is too warm it will pour very foamy and you may have more waste from dumping out the foam and really no one likes warm, foamy beer).

Cans: Now that there is custom crafted, quality beer available in cans, we ask you to treat them with a little more care than the mass-produced, pasteurized six-packs sold at the corner gas station. Our canned beer is unpasteurized and needs to be refrigerated. We recommend not keeping them unrefrigerated in your garage (even though it may be cool and dark) there is still a chance the flavored can become compromised). We put our heart and soul into every ounce of beer we brew, please give these little treasures the care they deserve to keep their flavor at its prime to be enjoyed by yourself and your closest friends.